A Guide to Choosing Engagement Party Venues

Soon, two families will become one—and that means it’s time to let loose and celebrate! Choose from our engagement party venues for your event, and RedWater’s event experts will help you take care of the rest!

Just like any other classic, established area with beautiful vistas, West Michigan has plenty of engagement party venues to suit any couple’s tastes or needs. However, with so many options, it can be hard to choose what’s right for you. Look no further. This simple guide to choosing the perfect venue for your engagement celebration will help you find out where to get started.

Establish the Basics: Who, When, and Where

Whether you’re organizing an engagement party for yourself and your future spouse or you’re throwing it on behalf of a relative or friend, you’ll need to know:
  • Who: Will the couple want just immediate family members and friends, or are they planning to invite everyone they know and their plus-ones?
  • When: Engagement parties tend to happen at least a few months after someone pops the question, but the only steadfast rule is that the party should happen several months in advance of the wedding itself.
  • Where: Unlike weddings—which are sometimes destination affairs—engagement parties more frequently occur near the couple’s home or near where their families live, with some exceptions.
This day is supposed to be about celebrating the future marriage of the couple. In turn, it’s important to ask about their preferences for all three of these points if you’re planning an engagement party for someone else.

Choosing the Right Engagement Party Venue  for the Couple

Location, Location, Location

Choosing an engagement party venue near you is like real estate in three key ways: location, location, and location. You might choose from a shortlist of different venues depending on preferences and the timing of the engagement party. For example, if everyone involved loves being on the water and the party is taking place during the warmer months of the year, you might choose a waterfront or lakeside location like Boatwerks Waterfront Events. The event’s tone is also essential when you’re narrowing down a list of potential engagement party locations. If the couple is looking for an upscale, intimate gathering with craft cocktails and formal attire, the venue should reflect that vibe. Otherwise, if they prefer a more casual affair, throwing an engagement party at an outdoor venue like Ravines Golf Club or Macatawa Golf Club may be the way to go. Finding the right location can be a very subjective and challenging task. That’s also why it helps to have multiple locations in mind that can suit whatever tone or size the couple wants for their celebration.

Capacity Considerations

Most venues only have capacity for a specific number of people. The reasoning behind this includes the number of people their staff can feasibly accommodate, plus local fire codes. With that in mind, the number of people on your guest list can also determine where to host the event. Choose the engagement party venue based on how many people you’re inviting, and let the staff know how many people you plan to invite—all of RedWater’s venues offer flexible capacity and multiple rooms to accommodate engagement parties of all sizes. Even more, all our venues have restaurants connected to the event space so you can get together as a group without having to book a private dining space.

Availability Matters

When you’re hunting for engagement venues, it’s important to check availability for the number of people you’re inviting and the type of party you want to throw. Ideally, you should do this as early as possible once the couple has a date for their engagement party in mind. While some couples prefer to do things with a more “spur of the moment” approach, we love it when our guests book their engagement parties in advance. This gives us more opportunities to make the celebration as unforgettable as their upcoming special day.

An Important Note About Amenities

Whenever possible, it’s a great idea to choose a party venue that provides all the amenities you need in one place. This saves you the added stress of learning the ropes of event planning overnight—you’ll just leave it to the professionals. No more having to call five separate places for catering, drinks, sound equipment, or any other essentials—in the right venue, the staff can take care of those details for you. All nine of RedWater Events’ locations in West Michigan can provide food and drinks in-house, complete with a gourmet menu and hard and soft drink services. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll help you celebrate your upcoming marriage in style!

A Few of the Best Engagement Party Venues in Michigan

StoneWater Country Club

Situated a few miles south of the heart of Grand Rapids, StoneWater Country Club offers rooms of multiple sizes that can fit just about any engagement party theme. With easy access from US 131, it’s a centralized location ideal for everything from intimate engagement parties with immediate family, to massive celebrations announcing the union of two families. Looking to have an outdoor event without worrying about the weather forecast for an entire week before the event? We have you covered—literally. StoneWater also has a covered patio overlooking the golf course for the perfect venue, rain or shine!

Muskegon Country Club

Nestled along the shores of Muskegon Lake, Muskegon Country Club is one of the best venues for engagement parties in West Michigan. Featuring both indoor and outdoor spaces for engagement, it offers waterfront views and a pristine, rolling golf course. We’re ready to make your engagement party go off without a hitch, whether you’re celebrating mid-winter or enjoying a summer garden party in Muskegon Country Club’s outdoor spaces—just tell our dedicated staff what you need!

Watermark Country Club

Located a few miles east of Grand Rapids, the Watermark Country Club has the flexibility and space to serve hundreds of people. This outdoor engagement party venue is perfect for an intimate gathering in warm weather and has all the amenities you’ll need to celebrate the newly engaged couple. Want some indoor options instead? The Watermark Country Club also offers bright, airy event spaces for brunches and evening cocktail celebrations alike.

Thousand Oaks Golf Club

Thousand Oaks Golf Club is a classy, sophisticated event space tucked away in a quiet northern corner of the Grand Rapids area. This award-winning venue also has breathtaking views over the golf courses, plus a private deck. It’s the ultimate spot for a traditional and intimate cocktail hour-style engagement party.

Choose from Even More Engagement Party Venues with RedWater!

Soon, two families will become one—and that means it’s time to let loose and celebrate! Choose from our engagement party venues for your event, and RedWater’s event experts will help you take care of the rest!

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