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RedWater takes pride in collaborating with a variety of established professionals who are excelling in their industries. Clients come to us not just for beautiful rooms and outdoor facilities, but for the experience. To that end, we proudly provide our clients with a list of qualified vendors who can help take their event at a RedWater venue to the next level.

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Preferred Vendors in Michigan


Preferred Florists

The duty of a florist is to embellish the room or area of an event with bursts of beautiful petals, filling the space with nature’s serenity. Whether for a wedding, a celebration of life, a baby shower, or other event, the expertise and knowledge of a florist when it comes to arrangement and flower symbolism is a valued skill indeed.

Many brides and other event hosts don’t know where to turn to for quality florist services. Word of mouth is still the most powerful marketing tool, and event hosts want someone who has been personally vouched for when it comes to celebrating a big day. Becoming a preferred florist with RedWater Events means that you’ll be recommended to clients looking for a creative, beautiful floral service for their event at a venue you can trust.


Preferred Event Photographers

We know it can sometimes be hard to get your name out there as an event photographer. That’s why when we see genuine talent, we want to tell the world. The job of capturing pure happiness and love during the biggest days of people’s lives isn’t something everyone can do. As a preferred RedWater event photographer, you’ll gain exposure to a vast array of clients who host their events at our locations.

Many of our event bookings are done by clients who host annual events at RedWater each year. With these clients, there’s an opportunity to find returning clients for your photography work. They may even tell their friends and family about the stunning masterpieces you are capable of.


Preferred Event Videographers

Event videographers are often hard to come by for event planners when hiring a professional for personal or corporate events. The job often gets handed off to a family member or an intern, and the result is shaky footage with poor angles and sound quality. It’s a non-stop job: recording speeches, the laughter of guests, and gorgeous decor and food arrangements.

At RedWater, we want to raise the standard for event videography with a list of preferred event videographers. Capturing intimate moments and arranging them into an emotional and gripping montage in the editing process is what quality videography is all about.


Preferred Entertainment

Our growing list of preferred entertainment is full of talent. DJs, singers, bands, and other performers are needed for setting the mood and enhancing the atmosphere. Hosts of birthday parties, award ceremonies, weddings, bridal showers, fundraiser galas, and other events want a talented professional booked for entertainment.

Through our preferred vendor list, you can become a go-to contact for clients seeking talent. Violinists, pianists, and other instrumentalists are also welcome to apply and bring an elegant ambiance to our formal events. We want to support local talent and give you opportunities to perform and make the most of your gift.

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How to Become a Preferred Vendor

To become a RedWater preferred vendor, applicants will have had to work at least one prior event at one of RedWater’s event locations to qualify. We want to make sure that you bring exceptionalism to the table and are a seasoned professional guests are happy to work with.

Our event vendor list was developed to fill the gap in event planning that many hosts find themselves dealing with. These hosts want to support local businesses and find event vendors others have placed their trust in and can vouch for their amazing experiences. Some just find themselves completely overwhelmed with choices and want to narrow it down to a trusted few.

A preferred vendor list gives them a path for choosing entertainment, floral arrangements, and many other services. If you are interested in becoming part of our preferred vendor list, you can apply via the form at the end of this page.

Our Standards for Preferred Vendors


Open communication is essential in any relationship, and that includes our relationships with vendors. We want to establish trust among event vendors, our own staff at RedWater venues, and event hosts. Honesty about your experience and what you can provide to hosts and guests is an important part of your duty as a vendor.


As a RedWater preferred vendor, it’s expected that event vendors will carry themselves with a manner of professionalism in front of guests, staff, and any other people associated with the events. Inappropriate conduct is not tolerated.


Showing up on time for events is important to us. Guests and event planners are expecting to receive services at the designated time. Sometimes, the tardiness of one person can disrupt several aspects of the occasion. We expect our vendors to communicate unexpected lateness immediately to both our venue’s team and the event coordinator. As stated, open communication is the best policy.


It’s important to us that both event planners and guests enjoy working with you and feel as though you provide a valuable service. We recommend preferred vendors that are easy to work with, polite, and friendly. Having that touch of being personable in addition to providing excellent service is what makes you stand out to clients.

Apply for Our RedWater Preferred Vendor Program

Social and corporate event vendors are welcome to contact us to apply to our list of preferred vendors for events. We’d be happy to work with you and start building a beautiful professional relationship. Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll get in touch with you about the next steps of the process.

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