Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding Decor Ideas

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, the excitement and myriad of details can become overwhelming without the right decor to tie it all together. Before you arrange for your big day, it’s always recommended that you brainstorm some easy outdoor decor ideas in advance to ensure that your ceremony and reception is perfect. Read on…

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, the excitement and myriad of details can become overwhelming without the right decor to tie it all together. Before you arrange for your big day, it’s always recommended that you brainstorm some easy outdoor decor ideas in advance to ensure that your ceremony and reception is perfect. Read on for a list of outdoor wedding decor ideas that will inspire you to create a beautiful, personalized moment in time you’ll never forget.

Chalkboard Signage

A chalkboard sign is an adorable way to welcome your guests, make announcements, or post your reception menu. Frame your chalkboard signage with beautiful flowers to give it a romantic touch. When you add a chalkboard sign outside, make sure that it has a sturdy frame and can easily stand on its own. A perk to using this type of sign is that it’s easy to make last-minute changes if you need to. You can frame the sign with real flowers or use hot glue to attach an assortment of faux florals. Whichever way you go, this is a beautiful and welcoming addition to any outdoor wedding. Have Fun With Photo Booths Capturing your special day is a must, and you can make the process fun with a few creative outdoor wedding decor ideas. A photo wall is a fun accent that can showcase you and your other half during some of your most special moments. Photo stations and DIY photo booths will give you a chance to go back and reminisce a few hilarious moments with your guests. Be sure to add some props to your photo booth to make it fun. Props can be anything from silly hats, feather boas, and oversized sunglasses to wording and anything else that will make your wedding memorable to you. When you add an opportunity for everyone to take photos to the mix, it makes the event a total hit. Come up with a cool theme for your photo booth that will give your wedding a pop of personality. Outdoor Wedding Decor for a Tent If you’re using a tent to provide shelter during your wedding, don’t forget to decorate it, too! There are endless possibilities to decorate a tent, so get creative and come up with a few fun concepts that match your wedding theme. String lights are a beautiful way to add a little sparkle and a warm illumination to your tent. Hang lots of green garland or strips of light, flowy organza fabric at an angle from the center of the tent to make it more visually appealing and romantic. To make your wedding tent look more like a reception hall, considering hanging an ornate chandelier from the roof. A large antique area rug under tables can give your tent a cozy, inviting touch. The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating a tent, so brainstorm several ideas and put them into action.
Outdoor Ceremony Decor

Get Creative with Arches and Overhead Spaces

A decorative arch helps to define a space and can be used for your ceremony or for an entryway. Use flowy drapes to craft a breezy, lighthearted accent that delicately hangs over the heads of your guests as they enter your wedding tent. If you want to design an arch for your ceremony, try a metal garden trellis. Adorn the trellis with an assortment of gorgeous flowers, vines, or even succulents to give it a colorful and organic touch. For brides who want something a little more unique, try a large metal ring accented with flowers in place of a traditional arch.

Hang Floral or Greenery Chandeliers

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you likely have a lot of love for nature. Carry this theme through by hanging floral or greenery-style chandeliers. Incorporating things like green leaves and luscious flowers help to create a nature-inspired space that brings the event an organic look and feel. You can achieve this design by attaching a large wreath to the chandelier that’s decorated with your flowers and greenery.

Decorating for Warm Outdoor Weddings

Brides and grooms getting married during the summer can create a fabulous outdoor wedding space. If you’re tying the knot near the beach or on the waterfront, decorate your wedding with some fun nautical accents like anchors, lighthouses, and sea animals. A large glass hurricane filled with sand and seashells is a fantastic table centerpiece. Hang rows of straw hats on one wall, and create a sign telling your guests they’re welcome to wear a hat to keep them cool. Instead of plain candles, consider swapping them with citronella to help keep annoying insects at bay.

Keep Your Guests Cool

A charming way to add some unique outdoor wedding decor is to offer your guests some fun items that will keep them nice and cool. Create custom colorful paper fans that include your names and the wedding date, and give them out as party favors before your wedding begins. Parasols are another adorable way to offer shade to your guests. This adorable decor won’t just keep everyone comfortable – it also adds a really beautiful effect to your wedding that can enhance your photos, too.

Make Your Outdoor Wedding One to Remember

Try these outdoor wedding decor ideas to ensure that your big day goes off without a hitch. Whether it’s a photo booth with props or luscious green chandeliers, these additions will give your wedding a special touch. Make sure your guests stay cool and comfy with wedding favors like fans or parasols and serve them frozen goodies for a fun finishing touch. To find out more about our wedding event spaces, catering services, and more, visit our website or contact us today! ‍

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