How to Find the Best Baby Shower Venues in Michigan

Use our guide to choosing the right baby shower venues so you can celebrate the future parents in your life, featuring several venues in West Michigan.

There are lots of elegant and intimate baby shower venues to choose from in Michigan—so how do you find the one that’s best for your parents-to-be? Check out this guide to finding the best baby shower venue near you, and what to look for.

What to Look for in a Baby Shower Venue


No matter how many people you’re planning to invite to your baby shower, whether it’s 12 or 112, it’s important to check with the venue you want to make sure they have availability for the number of people you’re inviting. For example, at RedWater Events, many of our event spaces can fit at least 50 people, but some can accommodate hundreds—even with multiple large options in the same venues. Consulting your venue can help you determine the type of shower you can throw, plus the number of guests you can invite. Depending on when the baby is expected to arrive, it’s usually ideal to find a venue that’s close to where the parents live—ideally within easy driving distance. You’ll also want to carefully time when you book the venue, at least a few months in advance of the baby’s due date. This is ideal because babies often arrive on their own schedules. Otherwise, if the baby arrives particularly early, you may want to time the shower for a few months after the baby is born so the parents have had time to settle in with the little one.


Pinterest is bursting at the seams with an entire ecosystem of baby shower themes and aesthetics, which affects everything from decorations to desserts and party favors. Some popular themes the parents-to-be might request include:
  • Circuses and zoos
  • Garden themes
  • Sea creatures like whales and dolphins
  • Nautical themes
  • Bubble bath, complete with rubber ducks
  • Travel, with old maps and travel posters to illustrate the adventures that await
  • Chefs and restaurants
  • Farm animals
  • Woods and wildernesses
The only limits to the possibilities are the parents’ tastes and your imagination. However, when choosing your venue, it can help to find a room or hall that fits the theme. For example, a room with ample natural light or an outdoor venue is an ideal backdrop for a garden- or woodlands-themed party, while a waterfront venue can be ideal for nautical or ocean-inspired showers.


There are a lot of individual amenities you’ll need to help the baby shower you’re planning run smoothly. In no particular order, these include:
  • Food and drinks
  • Serving equipment
  • Plates, drinkware, napkins, and utensils
  • Decorations
  • Party favors
  • Supplies and prizes for party games
Choosing an event venue that offers in-house amenities for the baby shower gives you and the parents-to-be even fewer things to worry about on the day of the party. It saves you the added stress of getting a crash course in event planning and allows you to leave some of the legwork to the professionals. Even more, you won’t have to call five separate companies for catering, beverage services, decoration availability, or any other essentials. What could be better than having a party without having to make a thousand phone calls? Every RedWater Events location in West Michigan offers food and drink services in-house, complete with a gourmet menu for an unforgettable meal. Whether you’re having a breakfast shower or enjoying a classic brunch or luncheon, we can take several parts of the planning process off your plate.

Elegant Baby Shower Venues Near Grand Rapids for Any Taste

Sunnybrook Country Club

One of the best baby shower venues in the Grand Rapids area, Sunnybrook Country Club offers views of a serene, idyllic golf course and multiple spaces that are perfect for celebrating the newest member of your family. The Rush Creek Room in particular is a great place to host an intimate baby shower with your closest friends and family, complete with refined decorations and ample views of the course. Our dedicated event staff at the Sunnybrook Country Club will help you create an unforgettable experience with classic elegance to complete your celebration.

Ravines Golf Club

Nestled next to a golf course with awe-inspiring views, Ravines Golf Club is situated in the scenic hills above Saugatuck. Among its indoor and outdoor venue options, the Cottage exudes elegance and charm, making it the perfect place for a baby shower of practically any size. Combined with our ability to provide delicious and elegant hors d’oeuvres and our exceptional attention to detail, the Cottage is an unforgettable backdrop for celebrating your little one’s upcoming arrival.

StoneWater Country Club

Situated a few miles south of the heart of Grand Rapids, StoneWater Country Club offers rooms that can fit just about any baby shower theme. With easy access from US 131, it’s a centralized location ideal for everything from intimate baby showers with a few close friends and immediate family members to large events with your entire extended family. The FireRock Room is an ideal small venue for your baby shower, especially in the winter when it can impart a cozy ambiance unlike any other. Featuring a stone fireplace, it offers a warm and inviting setup for your special day.

Thornapple Pointe Golf Club

Exuding casual sophistication, Thornapple Pointe offers three different event spaces with award-winning views. Tucked away in the greenery southeast of Grand Rapids, Thornapple Pointe features the Clubhouse with spacious open floor plans, stunning vistas surrounding the venue, and modern decor to add a touch of elegance to your baby shower. Need more space to welcome your relatives coming in from all over to welcome the first grandchild in the family? No problem. The Pavilion features stylish cobblestone floors, breathtaking views, and customizable catering and decor options to fit the theme of your baby shower—all with the ability to seat over 200 people.

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