The Michigander’s Luxury Baby Shower Checklist

Use this luxury baby shower checklist to help the parents welcome their little one into the world in style at the classiest venues in West Michigan.

The Michigander’s Luxury Baby Shower Checklist

If someone in your life is about to welcome their first baby into the world, this luxury baby shower planning checklist will give you a great start. Use it to throw a tasteful, unforgettable celebration that will help the parents feel loved and supported.

First, the Basics: When, Who, and Where

▢ When: Picking a Date and Time

Timing your loved one’s baby shower is both an art and a science. In most cases, you’ll likely want to throw the baby shower a month or two before the little one is due to arrive. This is because—and this isn’t surprising to anyone who has given birth or raised a newborn—the months following the birth of the baby are utterly exhausting for the parents.

There’s one notable exception to this rule. If the baby arrives particularly early, it may be better to schedule the shower a few months after the birth. That way, the parents have time to recuperate and introduce the little one to the world on their own terms.

▢ Who: Guest Lists for the Baby Shower

In the not-so-distant past, it was common for only the mother and her female friends to participate in a baby shower. However, co-ed parties are becoming more common, so parents who aren’t carrying the baby can also celebrate their transition into parenthood.

In general, regardless of gender ratio at the party, it’s a good idea to invite close family members and friends to the family’s first baby shower. Some might also choose to invite coworkers and more distant relatives, depending on your circumstances and whether the parents-to-be like a larger party.

▢ Where: Choosing a Baby Shower Venue Near You

There are tons of great baby shower venues in Michigan. RedWater Events offers nine of the best locations in West Michigan that add luxury and class to any event, including celebrations welcoming your newest addition into the world.

Even more, we offer gourmet catering services in-house. Take figuring out food services off your plate by choosing one of our venues.

Decor, Themes, and More

▢ Luxury Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Some parents are more into parties than others. If you have a guest of honor who prefers to keep things more subdued, you could potentially do a more traditional spin on the baby shower—balloons, streamers, and other decorations in the parents’ pastel colors of choice.

However, if the future parents have an eye for extravagance, here are some luxury baby shower themes you could use:

  • Afternoon coffee and tea: This is a slightly Americanized twist on traditional high tea. We’ll take care of the sandwiches, cupcakes, and cookies while you get a chance to talk with the parents-to-be over decaf in one of our beautiful venues.

  • Garden party: This is a must for our outdoor venues during the spring and summer months. Sit back and enjoy our well-tended outdoor spaces while having brunch or lunch with the parents.

  • Monochrome: Whether it’s all white, all pink, all blue, all green, or any other color, a single-color theme can impart an air of luxury while you’re celebrating the parents. Bonus points if you have your guests come in the color of choice!

  • Jungle: This is a classic, gender-neutral party idea that’s perfect for parents who are letting their baby’s gender be a surprise or who otherwise don’t feel inclined toward a specific color. Our fruit and vegetable trays can contribute to the tropical theme!

  • Nautical: This theme fits perfectly with our lakeside and waterfront venues. Stick to blues, whites, and reds for the colors and use decorations that invoke sailboats, anchors, lighthouses, and other seaside imagery—you’ll throw a beautiful shower that stands out from the crowd.

▢ Baby Shower Decor to Match the Theme

These are entirely dependent upon the party theme and the level of extravagance the guests of honor prefer. For example, if the parents prefer a low-key celebration, simply providing some pastel-colored balloons can be enough to suit their tastes.

Otherwise, if the parents have an eye for luxury, you may want to invest in some more extravagant decorations such as flowers, table decor, and enough balloons to lift a house.

▢ Games and Entertainment

A baby shower without a few games thrown in is a dull affair at best. Most baby showers have at least three games or activities. Some easy baby shower games we recommend might include:

  • Onesie decorating: Bring in white onesies in multiple sizes along with a rainbow of fabric markers. This doubles as a great way to make sure the little one has enough clothes to get through the first few months of life!

  • Trivia games: A tasteful classic that celebrates the parents is “How Well Do You Know the Parent-to-Be?” It’s as easy as passing out sheets where guests have to guess different facts about the guest of honor. Whoever has the most correct answers wins a prize!

  • What’s in the purse: For anyone who carries a purse or messenger bag with them, this game can be a blast. Pass out a checklist of items for guests to look for in their purse. Whoever has the most items from the list (or the most unusual options) wins.

  • ABC block painting: Homemade is almost always better than buying from the store. Once the little one is old enough to play, having some hand-painted or hand-colored blocks from their loved ones can be a memorable gift that they can play with for hours on end.

Essentials to Make the Baby Shower Complete

▢ Baby Shower Catering

What do you call any type of party without food? Disappointing. That’s just as applicable to baby showers as it is to birthday parties, retirement parties, or any other type of celebration. This is especially true if you’re scheduling your party during meal hours.

Working with one of RedWater Events’ venues allows you to cater the baby shower in-house. Our baby shower catering menus accommodate all sorts of dietary requirements and include a whole range of options, including buffets. Having us cater your baby shower takes one of the biggest planning tasks off your plate, allowing you to focus on giving the parents-to-be a special day. Even more, we offer cupcakes and standard cakes among our dessert options.

▢ Luxury Baby Shower Favors

Favors are a natural part of any baby shower, no matter the theme. For a luxury favor experience, we recommend something that’s both beautiful and useful. Candles are a popular choice, as are soaps and bath salts. However, we’ve also seen some showers use ring dishes, bottle openers, and even live succulents in some cases.

▢ Loose Itinerary

You don’t necessarily need to have the baby shower planned in five-minute increments, but having a rough itinerary in place is a good idea, especially if you only have the venue for a limited amount of time. This is especially true if you’re including games or other activities in the proceedings. This gives your guests time to eat, enjoy the party, and relax between activities.

▢ Time to Celebrate!

Once the day of the baby shower is here, you’ve earned the right to celebrate the parents of honor and let the party go off without a hitch. This is your time to support them, without having to worry about coordinating food, seating arrangements, and other small details.

Meanwhile, RedWater’s expert staff will handle things during the event so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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