What to Do If It Rains on Your Outdoor Wedding

While many couples dream of getting hitched under the beautiful blue skies, that’s not always the case. Quite often, rain showers or chilly weather can be the order of the day. Drizzle or downpour, however, is no reason to give up or feel that your day is ruined. In fact, according to brides.com, rain on…

While many couples dream of getting hitched under the beautiful blue skies, that’s not always the case. Quite often, rain showers or chilly weather can be the order of the day. Drizzle or downpour, however, is no reason to give up or feel that your day is ruined. In fact, according to brides.com, rain on your wedding day can be a good thing. With a proper backup plan for your outdoor wedding, you can have something to fall back on just in case the weather fails to cooperate. Any couple that’s considering having an outdoor wedding should confirm a backup plan for rain and cold weather in their venue contract. That way, if the weather unexpectedly changes, you’ll have no reason to panic.

What are the Basics of an Outdoor Wedding Backup Plan

Outdoor weddings usually have amazing sights and stunning backdrops for wedding photos. Whether you’re going for a backyard wedding idea or the unparalleled beauty of a waterfront wedding, considering alternate outdoor wedding rain plan ideas is a prudent thing to do. To prepare for rain on your wedding day, you need to cover the following basics;

Make sure your venue has preparations for last-minute rain

Whether you are working with a wedding event planner or by yourself, ensure you communicate with your venue about their weather-related wedding backup plan. Talk to vendors too and ask them to specify their provisions for a rainy day, including plan B.

Purchase supplies for your wedding day rain plans

Depending on the season and where you live, you may want to stay prepared with extra supplies like umbrellas (transparent ones look great in photos and won’t cast shadows on faces), raincoats, towels, some warm blankets, and heaters. Your guest will certainly appreciate the thought of thinking about them in your wedding planning.

Consider options for alternate parking for a rainy day

Alternative parking is an aspect that is often overlooked. For field wedding venues with rough terrains where cars could get stuck if it rains, consider having an alternative parking lot or garage available. Many venues charge for parking or do not have on-site parking available, so be sure to ask your venue about parking convenience and potential fees for you or your guest.

When to make the call about wedding day rain plans

This is a tricky question that couples need to have an answer for. Some outdoor vendors prefer having a 1-day or 2-day notice while others need just a couple of hours. It’s important to negotiate with all vendors to decide the best time to make the call on implementing your plan B.
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Backup Plan for Rain

An outdoor wedding backup plan for rain could be in the form of an indoor room, covered outdoor area (patio) or a last-minute tent setup.

Tented Weddings

Tents are the perfect backup plan for rain. They fit the guests comfortably, can be decorated to meet your decor plan and protect your guests from extreme weather elements. Tents can even have clear panels to provide unobstructed views of the surrounding environment. Before settling on this, check with the venue beforehand to ascertain that tents are allowed on the property or whether you need to work with a specific vendor.

Indoor Accommodations

Venues such as golf courses offer indoor wedding options with bridal and groom suites should the weather turn for the worse. While it might cost extra to reserve the backup space, it’s worth the effort. You will appreciate having the indoor backup wedding venue.

Backup Plan for Cold Weather

For those extra chilly days, you may want to rent portable heating towers and create fire pits to keep your guests warm and comfortable. A few blankets or throws can come in handy as well. Serving guests some hot comfort food or hot beverages such as hot chocolate, tea or spiked cider is also a fun and classy way to bring some warmth to any outdoor venue. So, explore the possibility of an alternative meal plan with your caterer in the event of cold weather.

Backup Plan for a Muddy or Wet Wedding Site

Following a rainy session, it’s guaranteed to get muddy, sloppy and slippery, and you can bet that’s a recipe for a wedding mess. You wouldn’t love the look of a muddy hem on the day when you want to look your best, would you? You can ask the venue if a wedding aisle runner can be made available to keep your feet from getting wet and the bride’s gown clean of mud. Review all possible options including working with the venue to see if they can allow guests to drive up further or close to the venue to avoid stepping on mud.
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Consider Having a Backup Wedding Venue Booked

If you’re touring venues in search of the perfect spot for your outdoor wedding, ask about their alternative options in case of rain. Most facilities offer indoor spaces with the capacity to accommodate a reasonable number of people. Ask to tour the backup place and think about every detail including the setup and what will be needed to save you from thinking about such things on your special day.

Consider Getting Wedding Insurance In Case of Bad Weather

It could be the first time hearing this, but wedding insurance for bad weather and rain does exist. In some cases, poor weather may frustrate efforts to travel or make moving guests around dangerous. Even worse, it might cause you to postpone the event. With wedding insurance, any of these scenarios can be catered to thanks to liability and cancellation policies. Being covered in unpredictable circumstances gives you peace of mind so you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have to foot the bill should anything go awry. Setting up a plan B puts your mind at ease no matter what the weather brings. By implementing these outdoor wedding rain plan ideas, you’ll help your planner, wedding party, venue and vendors make the smooth transition while keeping your big day just as memorable. Remember, as the bride and groom, your mood sets the tone for the entire event. Therefore, don’t let a little rain dampen your spirits and make you miss out on celebrating the love you share.

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