Wedding Websites and Apps for Planning Your Big Day Online

The global pandemic threw everything up in the air, and we’re still waiting to see how everything’s going to land. From vacations to concerts and weddings, our social lives would be in disarray if it weren’t for one thing: technology. Wedding websites and apps can help you to plan the marriage ceremony of your dreams…

The global pandemic threw everything up in the air, and we’re still waiting to see how everything’s going to land. From vacations to concerts and weddings, our social lives would be in disarray if it weren’t for one thing: technology. Wedding websites and apps can help you to plan the marriage ceremony of your dreams remotely. Make the most of the extra time you have under lockdown by exploring virtual wedding cards, wedding list software, zoom wedding planners, virtual venue tours, and everything else you need for long-distance wedding planning.

How Do You Plan a Wedding All Online?

Getting married is one of the most exciting and exuberant occasions you’ll experience in your lifetime. Whether you’re having a marriage celebration or a wedding — wedding planner applications make the process much smoother. You can plan the whole process, from start to the finish, online.

How to Plan My Own Wedding Step by Step

  1. Download The Knot free wedding planning app.
  2. Answer a few questions about your plans — dates, budget, numbers, etc.
  3. Choose your wedding vision to highlight the style and theme you’re looking for.
  4. Use the virtual wedding planner to select a venue, organize a wedding venue virtual tour, set a budget, and plan a virtual wedding party.
  5. Send out your virtual wedding invitations with a link to your own personalized website.
  6. Organize your bridesmaids, groomsman, ushers, and ring bearer’s roles and Zoom them with the details.
  7. Link a registry to let your guests choose and buy gifts for your big day.
  8. Plan as many rehearsals as you need.
  9. Have a beautiful wedding ceremony.
  10. Celebrate with your friends and family at your wedding party!
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How Long to Plan for a Wedding

When asking the question “How do you plan a wedding?”, there is one aspect to work out before anything else: How much time do you need to plan? In real life, the timeline is essential, so you have to overestimate at every opportunity. You’d be surprised how much time organizing each component of an event takes.

Are There Wedding Planning Apps?

There are lots of useful wedding websites and apps that let you compile a list of what you need for your wedding and connect you with the right vendors. The best wedding apps are simple enough that anyone can use them. Shared planner apps let you share the load, including ideas, links and pictures! As well as a range of wedding planning websites, there are also wedding date apps, wedding inspiration board apps, and virtual wedding guest list makers.

What Are the Best Wedding Planning Apps and Websites?

The Knot is more than just a wedding tracker website or wedding countdown website; it’s an all-in-one wedding planner that does the hard work while you make the important (and fun) choices. The Knot app includes features like The Knot wedding planning timeline, a DIY wedding planner organizer, and a wedding cost tracker. It provides wedding seating software free, lets you compile simple wedding to-do lists, and doesn’t vary much from wedding planning software for wedding planners. If you struggle to use the features, or you have any questions at all, The Knot help desk is available to assist you around the clock. Zoom is another excellent piece of software for anyone planning an event, with some nifty special features that let you get creative with your marriage ceremony. With video conferencing software, you can attend meetings, view venues, and even shop for wedding dresses.

How to Plan the Best Wedding Using The Knot

Preparation is the key to executing anything successfully, and an event as epic as a wedding requires strict organization. Not only can clients use The Knot’s free wedding planner, but they also get a free wedding planner book and a digitized wedding planning project plan. The Guest List Manager feature is the best way to gather addresses for your wedding. Instead of going through the effort of compiling a list and then inviting everyone, you can import excel spreadsheets and phone contacts onto the app and do it all from one central place. Years of experience have gone into compiling the questions wedding apps prompt, so you can rest assured that nothing will be overlooked. From invites to wedding venue tours and transportation, you can use one website and app to gather all the information, vendors, and services you need to make your big day a phenomenal success.

How to Plan Your Wedding Party Remotely

Planning a wedding party remotely is easier than you might think. All you need to do is download the Zoom app to IOS, Android or Desktop, login, and get in contact with your chosen vendors. If you’re worried about how to ask bridesmaids that live far away in a way that still makes an impact, you can find plenty of wedding ideas on The Knot’s blog or on Pinterest. Just because she’s going to be helping you as a long-distance maid of honor, it doesn’t make the occasion any less special. Once you’ve got the guests of honor invited, they can use the same software as you to assist with preparations.

What Wedding Planning Can I Get Done Under Quarantine?

You can do pretty much everything under quarantine that you could do in person. Instead of compiling a list of things to be done for a wedding, use wedding apps and websites as your central hub to streamline the process and make sure you don’t miss anything at all. It’s the best way to collect addresses for weddings and the best way to organize addresses for weddings. This is because you don’t need to trawl through address books and type or write anything out manually.

Can I Take a Virtual Tour of a Wedding Venue?

With a virtual wedding venue walkthrough, you can explore every inch of your dream venue without leaving the house. Most sites are now offering remote wedding venue tours, giving you the chance to visualize your marriage ceremony and ask all your questions while maintaining a safe social distance. Many venues on The Knot and WeddingWire also have a 360-degree virtual tour on their profile like this virtual tour of Watermark Country Club.

How Long Is a Wedding Venue Tour?

Treat a virtual tour exactly as you would treat a regular tour: compile a list of questions, book a time and date, and invite someone you trust to come along on the virtual tour with you. Find out how long the appointments are when you make the appointment with the vendor, but expect it to be around 30 minutes. You can even ask your wedding venue to show you the available options for linen, table settings, and menu choices. If you’re looking for one central place to take care of all the arrangements for your wedding ceremony and the party of a lifetime — without leaving the house — download The Knot today. ‍

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