Your Guide to Planning a Weekday Wedding with RedWater

Considering a weekday wedding? You’re not alone. More people are planning weekday weddings for a variety of reasons. In fact, one in five weddings occur on a weekday! While there are some drawbacks to hosting your wedding on a weekday, there are many benefits that make a weekday ideal for saying, “I do.” RedWater offers…

Considering a weekday wedding? You’re not alone. More people are planning weekday weddings for a variety of reasons. In fact, one in five weddings occur on a weekday!

While there are some drawbacks to hosting your wedding on a weekday, there are many benefits that make a weekday ideal for saying, “I do.” RedWater offers many beautiful venues for you to hold your wedding, whatever day of the week it lands on.

Why Get Married on a Weekday?

There are definite benefits to getting married on a weekday, including:

  • More cost savings: Planning a weekday wedding is the best decision for a cost-conscious couple. When you forgo tying the knot on the most popular day of the week for a wedding (Saturday), you’ll skip paying for the most in-demand services, saving on everything from your venue to hotel rooms to vendors. Money saved from having a weekday wedding can be used on other big ticket items, like a lavish honeymoon, a new vehicle, or a down payment on a house. It is possible to have the wedding of your dreams and keep some cash in the bank, too.
  • Greater variety of venues during peak season: If you’re able to be flexible and have your wedding outside of the weekend, your preferred venue has a much greater chance of being available on your date. If you wait for an open Saturday, you and your to-be could be added to a long list of couples waiting for that coveted weekend spot. However, if you’re open to choosing a Thursday or Friday, you could set the date months or even a year earlier.
  • Greater variety of vendors: Top vendors, like florists, photographers, and officiants, will be booked far in advance. If there’s a vendor you’re set on having for your wedding, you’ll be more likely to secure them on a weekday. There’s a good chance they have a weekday rate, as well.
  • Less stress: It’s no secret that planning a wedding is an often chaotic endeavor. Planning a wedding that will occur on a weekday, in contrast, could lead to a more relaxing experience (during planning, as well as the day of). Simplify your planning experience by choosing a wedding away from a busy weekend.

What to Consider for Your Weekday Wedding


First things first: Figure out who you want to surround yourself with while celebrating your nuptials.

Having a weekday wedding often means your guest list will be narrowed down, as some people will have prior commitments, like work or school. If you’re interested in a more intimate event, however, this could be an ideal outcome! Some couples prefer to invite only those they’re very close with, which also allows them to spend more quality time with those in attendance.

No matter the size of your initial guest list, we recommend checking with the people most important to you prior to solidifying your date to ensure those VIP guests can attend a weekday wedding event.


Being open to a weekday wedding is a good option for those wanting to be intentional about setting a date.

For example, if it’s important for you to get married on your dating anniversary or a holiday that’s special to you, like Valentine’s Day, there is no need to wait until that date falls on a weekend. Plan your big day on the date that you want, even if it falls on a Tuesday.

Evening Expectations

Are you a couple that likes to dance the night away into the early morning hours? Or are you ready to wrap up the festivities early to enjoy a cozy evening in the comfort of your home?

That may be a determining factor in if a weekday wedding makes sense for you. Some venues may require the evening to end earlier during the week. Make sure to check with your potential venue before booking.


Many couples, especially those who live far away from their venue, enjoy getting a hotel the evening before or the night of their wedding to extend their experience. This is a must for out of town guests, as well. Planning a weekday wedding means you can expect to save on hotel rooms (and airfare, for out-of-state guests), as opposed to paying those inflated weekend rates.

RedWater Weekday Wedding Venues

RedWater offers a wide range of weekday wedding venues for parties of all sizes—we have both indoor and outdoor spaces available.

Find Weekday Wedding Venues Near You

Send us a message today to learn more about our venues, or plan a tour of one you have your eye on. We are excited to help you plan your weekday wedding!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is It Rude to Have a Weekday Wedding?

No! You should plan your wedding on the day that makes the most sense for what you and your partner are envisioning.

Are Weekday Weddings Cheaper?

A weekday wedding can definitely be more affordable than a weekend wedding. Many vendors and venues provide discounted rates for weekday weddings, as they’re less in demand. If you want a beautiful wedding, but cutting costs is important to you, a weekday wedding is a great solution.

What Is the Best Day of the Week to Get Married?

This depends on what your goals are. If you have a tight budget and want to make your wedding as affordable as possible, consider getting married on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. However, some of your guests may not be able to attend unless you give them ample time to take off of work. If you want a cheaper rate for your date but can’t swing a midweek wedding, consider a Friday wedding. Friday weddings are less expensive than Saturday, but close enough to the weekend that most of your guests should be able to RSVP “Yes!”

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