Golf Simulator Rentals: Bring Your Event Up to Par

Adding a virtual golf simulator rental to your party can make any event memorable. Here are some events and ideas to make golf available all year long.

For avid golfers, there’s no better way to celebrate life’s greatest moments than with a round with friends. However, not all celebrations allow for the use of a full golf course—for example, getting a full 18 holes in typically isn’t feasible for company Christmas parties in Michigan.

That is, it wasn’t feasible until fairly recently.

Golf simulator rentals have been growing in popularity, especially as a theme for parties of all kinds. Explore what these machines are, along with some ideas for how to use one at your next party or event.

What Is a Golf Simulator?

Golf simulators are electronic versions of golf set up indoors, typically in a three-walled bay set up with video and photographic monitors, to imitate the feeling of playing on an outdoor golf course or driving range.

The simulator uses electronics to capture the speed, direction, launch angle, and impact of the player’s clubs to replicate where their golf ball would land in a physical game.

While this concept is not new—rudimentary golf simulators have been around for decades on video game consoles—technology has made the gameplay more lifelike than ever before.

Using a simulator allows golfers to practice any time of year, rain or shine, without having to wait on other parties to free up the next hole. Golf simulator rentals are becoming more and more popular at country clubs like our locations in Macatawa and Muskegon.

Options for Play with Golf Simulator Rentals

Like a traditional driving range, golf simulator rentals allow participants to play the game in far more ways than on a nine- or 18-hole course. Here are just a few of the available gameplay options you can use for your next event.

Long Drive Contests

It’s fairly easy to set up a virtual golf simulator rental for a longest drive contest. Simply choose a course with a single, fairly straight hole with a long range in the simulator’s options.

As with any long drive event, the object of the game is to hit the longest, straightest drive. However, the simulator will do the rest of the work in showing how far down the range your ball has landed and whether it’s in bounds. Our sophisticated simulators can calculate the exact landing spot accordingly and know how to calculate for ball distance and carriage, peak vertical lift, and spin rates in any direction.

Closest to the Pin

Just like with a game of darts or a single hole in a round of standard golf, the objective of this style of play is to make sure your ball is the one that lands closest to a pin the simulator drops on the virtual course. To make the game interesting, you might allow only one ball to be shot per round.

If you’re seeking a golf simulator rental for events for your company or club, you may find this game style has great opportunities for giving out prizes based on who is closest to the pin.

Direct Face-Off Play

Have you ever fantasized about getting back at Kevin from accounting because he sent an email scolding you in front of the whole company after you submitted a single line item wrong on your expense report? Now is your chance, with a golf simulator.

Direct face-off rounds allow you to compete directly against an opponent of your choice to see who’s under par. While this can be used for simple head-to-head play between two opponents, it also presents opportunities for round-robin or bracket-style competitions to see who in your company is the best golfer.

Traditional-Style Rounds

In addition to the gameplay styles already mentioned, golf simulator rentals also offer the opportunity to play a traditional round of nine or 18 holes. This is a great way to practice like you would on a physical golf course without having to walk as far, haul clubs from one hole to the next, or worry about any chances of rain or snow ruining the fun.

Popular Party Types for Golf Simulator Rentals

Golf simulator rentals are great for parties of all types, especially if they involve a group of golf enthusiasts. From high school golf teams to departments at your business that love to put in a few rounds during their free time, there are plenty of events where a golf simulator rental will be a hit.

Let’s explore a few ideas for golf simulator parties.

Corporate Celebrations/Team Building Parties

Looking for ways to celebrate your golf-loving sales team breaking a new sales record at the end of the year? A golf simulator rental for events and corporate celebrations like these are sure to show your team—or your whole company—how much you appreciate their hard work.

However, golf simulator rentals can be just as fun for teens as they are for adults. For example, if a high school golf team manages to win the state championship for their school’s division, a golf simulator party might be a great way to let them cut loose and celebrate their win after the season is over.

Golf Simulator Rentals for Bachelor Parties

Golf simulator rentals are great for bachelor parties, especially if the bachelor in question is an avid golfer. Simply book one of our bays and decide which style of play to use, and the groom will be well on his way to the second-best day of his life.

Virtual Golf Simulator Rentals for Retirement Parties

If a golf-loving member of your staff is about to retire after years of dedicated service to your organization, a virtual golf simulator rental gives them the send-off they deserve at their retirement celebration.

Furthermore, you won’t necessarily have to wait for a certain time of year for a golf course to open up. Even if your employee is leaving in the middle of January or February, renting a golf simulator allows them to celebrate their service just like they would on a regular course.

Renting a Golf Simulator for Birthday Parties

Just like with retirement parties, most birthdays don’t happen during the summer. However, renting a golf simulator for a birthday party can be a great way to celebrate, no matter what time of year it may be.

Plus, offering an opportunity to golf like they would on a real course during the colder months can be a fantastic gift to any golf enthusiast who wasn’t born in the summer.

Elevating Events with a Golf Simulator Rental

We’ve only listed a few of the different opportunities and event ideas. Golf simulator rentals also present opportunities for convention attendees and vendors to take a break from the floor, and a fun addition to any trade show or shareholder meeting.

Adults aren’t the only ones who could have fun with a golf simulator, either. Adding a golf simulator rental to the party is also a great way to make the event fun and memorable for teen golfers celebrating their quinceañera, bat or bar mitzvah, sweet 16, or any other celebrations.

Where to Find Golf Simulator Rentals Near You

Winters in Michigan may be cold, but RedWater Events offers golf simulator rentals in Muskegon (five bays) and Macatawa (four bays) all year long. These rental bays are available for parties or even just for individuals looking to practice during the off season. Parties can book either single bays or multiple bays at a time, depending on their needs.

To learn more about incorporating our golf simulator rentals into your event, contact us today.

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