Everything You Should Know About All Inclusive Wedding Venues

A DIY wedding can be tedious and stressful for everyone involved. So much so, that it can turn couples against each other. Once you’ve agreed on a guest list, you need to research and compare prices across a host of vendors. Then you have to meet with each one to find out if they work…

A DIY wedding can be tedious and stressful for everyone involved. So much so, that it can turn couples against each other. Once you’ve agreed on a guest list, you need to research and compare prices across a host of vendors. Then you have to meet with each one to find out if they work for you, book in good time, and pay all the deposits. You’ll find yourself doing this over and over again for each vendor including the venue, caterer, dressmaker, DJ, etc. By the time you get to the big day, you may feel exhausted and frazzled, or wish you’d decided to elope. That’s why many couples opt for an all-inclusive option, so they can sit back and leave the details to the experts. Does this sound like a good deal to you? If so, we’re here to answer all your questions about all-inclusive wedding venues.

What Is an All-Inclusive Wedding Venue?

There are two main types of wedding venues, those that give you the option to tailor-make the wedding of your dreams, and those that do it for you. A wedding venue that does everything on your behalf is known as an all-inclusive wedding venue. These places are ideal for couples who’d rather spend the time leading up to their wedding relaxing rather than micro-managing every last detail.

What Do Wedding Packages Include?

Each all-inclusive wedding venue differs when it comes to what’s included in a wedding package. Some may allow you to make slight adjustments to their set offering, while others are inflexible. This has more to do with their costing considerations than an unwillingness to please, so don’t hold it against them. These are some of the basics included in wedding venues’ all-inclusive packages:
  • Venue hire
  • Tables, chairs, place settings, and linens
  • Hors d’oeuvres and dinner
  • Cocktail hour and an open bar during the reception
All-inclusive wedding ceremony reception packages could offer:
  • Chapel or another venue for the ceremony
  • A bridal suite or lounge
  • Custom lighting
  • Sound equipment
  • The wedding toast
  • Wine service
  • Cake cutting and plating
  • A dance floor
That leaves a lot less for you to worry about. What’s more, many all-inclusive venues work regularly with preferred providers, so they can advise you on hiring the following essentials for your wedding:
  • Flowers, centerpieces, and decorations
  • Photographer
  • DJ
Although it does happen, these items are rarely included in wedding venue services, since they’re highly personal choices. However, it can help things to run more smoothly if you choose someone who’s worked with the venue before. If you’re the type of person who likes organizing events or has very specific requirements when it comes to the reception, an all-inclusive wedding may not be the best fit for you. On the whole, attention to detail and attentive service are what define all-inclusive wedding venues. So if you want to change a part of their offering, just ask. They may accommodate you. However, if you’d rather spend the week before your wedding wining and dining with your betrothed, take a look at some of the best all-inclusive wedding packages Michigan has on offer.

Do All-Inclusive Venues Have Wedding Planners on Site?

Most venues that offer all-inclusive options have an event manager on-site to ensure everything runs smoothly on your day. They aren’t necessarily an all-inclusive wedding planner though. Find out what the extent of their services are, and if they’re able to assist with a few other aspects of your wedding. If you’re working on a tight budget, check to see that they include these extra wedding venue services in the fee first. Sometimes full planning wedding packages are in a different price category. If you have your own wedding planner, they should work closely with the venue’s event coordinator or event manager to ensure the two of them aren’t working at cross purposes or duplicating tasks.

Do All-Inclusive Venues Include Catering?

Yes, all-inclusive event venues always include catering. Often, they’ll have a variety of menus available to suit different tastes. Venues with catering services often have a choice of serving options too, usually buffet or plated. So, check out what’s on offer and don’t neglect to arrange for a tasting before you commit to your reception menu. All-inclusive venues with catering included have a full team of staff to ensure your meal is prepared perfectly, on-time, and beautifully presented. This aspect takes much of the worry out of this important part of the day.

Do All-Inclusive Wedding Venues Include Chair and Table Rentals?

Wedding reception rental prices usually include the cost of wedding reception rentals in their per-person price. This incorporates reception table rentals, chair rental cost, and dinnerware rental prices. Some venues include the wedding equipment rental prices as well as the venue set up service in the initial fee for the venue. When you’re getting your initial quotes for wedding venues, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. A venue with a high upfront cost may work out cheaper if you have a large guest list, while one with a high per person charge is cheaper for smaller weddings. When you take the hassle and expense of hiring and renting all this equipment yourself and arranging the event venue set up, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to do it all yourself at a cheaper price.
All Inclusive Wedding Venues Drinks

Do All-Inclusive Wedding Venues Include the Bar?

The bar is always a bone of contention when it comes to your wedding reception. Usually, an all-inclusive wedding venue will provide some drinks as part of their package. Yet, the rest of the bar service during the event is often veiled in mystery. Let’s clear up some of the most common questions surrounding who pays for alcohol at wedding reception functions.

What Is The Difference Between a Host Bar and Cash Bar?

A host bar is when the host pays for all the drinks served at the reception, either by supplying the venue with vouchers for their guests or by paying the tab at the end of the evening. A cash bar, also sometimes referred to as a no-host bar, is when the guests pay for their own drinks.

What Does Open Bar Mean?

An open bar is when the host pays for all the drinks. This could be a fee per person, by the bottle, by the hour, or for each individual drink.

What Does Banquet Beer Mean?

Coors beer earned the name banquet beer way back in the 1970s. Yet, the term ‘banquet beer’ refers to any kind of beer provided by the host at an event. It could be craft beer or one of the popular mainstream brands. Budget is usually the main factor when deciding on a host bar vs cash bar. Traditionally, the groom’s family would pay the bar tab at a wedding. Nowadays most couples are paying their own way though, causing cash bars to become more common. However, if the couple opts to cover part or all of the bar expenses, most prefer to choose a bar package in order to more accurately budget. Always indicate the type of bar on offer on your invitations as well as the payment options i.e. cash or card. One last thing to consider regarding your drinks is the wedding bartender cost. Many venues provide a bartender on the night. Make sure you talk to your event manager about if a bartender or multiple bartenders are included along with any service charge costs.
All Inclusive Wedding Venues DJ

Do Wedding Venues Provide the DJ?

Usually, the bride and groom hire their own DJ for their big day. Remember to chat to your chosen venue about lighting requirements, and whether they provide a wedding DJ sound system long before the event. Alternatively, ask your DJ to get in touch with the venue to confirm the details. Private DJ services prices vary from $470 to $600 or more depending on how experienced the DJ is, travel costs, and how long you want to hire them.

The Finer Details About Weddings

Every wedding is as unique as the couple celebrating their nuptials. That’s why we offer a range of venues along with some all-inclusive wedding package options to suit your every whim. Whatever your budget, our versatile wedding packages will help you create the wedding of your dreams. Browse our RedWater Events website for more information, or get in touch and let’s start planning. ‍

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