The Only Graduation Party Checklist You’ll Need

This graduation party checklist breaks down all the essentials you need to throw a successful graduation party for your high school or university grad.

School’s almost out for summer, which means students are ready to walk across the stage and receive their diplomas. Many people would like to throw a party to celebrate the hard work of high school or college graduates but aren’t sure where to start.  RedWater Events has several graduation party venues near you, and we’ll give you all the tools you need to throw a memorable celebration. With our graduation party checklist, you’ll be on your way to throwing a graduation party that everyone will enjoy!

All the Essentials: Who, When, and Where

▢ Who: Guest List & Invitations

Before you can really begin to plan too much, you’ll want to determine how many guests to invite. That will dictate the space needed and how much food and drink you will need.  The graduate will likely want to invite their friends to join the celebration, which can easily be done online. However, keep in mind that family members may appreciate a more formal invitation. When planning for a party, be sure to have invitations on your graduation party checklist!

▢ When: Picking a Date

While celebrating right after the graduation ceremony might seem like the perfect time for a party, this time is often reserved for families to have a smaller, private celebration. Additionally, some graduation ceremonies take place in the evening, leaving little time for a formal celebration after.  When you’re thinking about when and how to plan a graduation party, you can consider dates even a few months past your official graduation. For many grads, that means most of the summer. Additionally, if you’re considering having the graduation at a scenic event venue or a country club, you’ll want to contact the venue to ensure your preferred date is available.  When making your graduation party checklist, plan to send those formal invitations out about three to four weeks before the party. 

▢ Where: Choosing a Graduation Party Venue Near You

Graduation parties are a time to celebrate your graduate. The last thing you’ll want to do is worry about having enough space, cleaning out the garage, setting up catering, or cleaning up afterward.  Choose to have your graduation party at a RedWater venue near you! We can help ensure nothing is overlooked so you can all have fun celebrating the new grad. With both indoor and outdoor venue options, you can choose from a variety of event spaces that would work perfectly for your graduation party.  Not sure where to start? Schedule a visit at a RedWater Events venue near you as part of your pre-party checklist!

Decor, Entertainment & Other Fine Details

▢ Choosing the Right Decor Theme

School colors are a great place to start with graduation party decor, but does your new grad want something more? Consider a theme that is more personalized to their tastes. RedWater Events offers gorgeous venues that can be decorated with the theme of your choosing. Be sure to add time for decor planning to your graduation party checklist to make sure the celebration has the right vibe!

▢ The A/V Club

Every great party has to have music! With the right event venue, you can have even more than that. Step up your A/V game with a slideshow of the guest of honor’s achievements or fun pictures as they grew up. You might also want to plan for celebratory speeches by having a microphone and PA equipment. RedWater venues are equipped with all of that and more onsite to ensure that your graduation party has everything you need for a fantastic celebration.

The Biggest Necessities

▢ Graduation Party Catering

High school and college graduates are notorious for their big appetites, and you can be sure that their fellow graduate friends will be bringing theirs. Make your party stand out with a menu that satisfies with delectable dishes.  RedWater Events offers a variety of options that will elevate your party and make it stand out from the same-old menu served at all the other parties during the season. People will be talking about the food at your party with good reason. RedWater even offers a special graduation menu that is sure to be a big hit!

▢ Graduation Party Favors

It is custom for guests to send off the new grad with a gift, so why not offer a token of appreciation to your guests for their attendance? Small take-home treats will have them thinking of your event after they get home, and small trinkets will serve as a memorable keepsake. 

▢ A Loose Itinerary

A graduation party should be a fun celebration where everyone can enjoy each other’s company and take time to celebrate the new grad. While having an itinerary can be helpful, keep it flexible so as not to inhibit the fun.  Set aside a particular time for cutting a cake or speeches, but outside of that, let people come and go as they please for the best turnout and experience for all guests. Having your event at a venue will prevent unexpected late-night guests, which can happen at house parties, and having it at a venue will ensure that everyone arrives and departs at a reasonable hour.

Celebrate at RedWater’s Gorgeous Venues for Graduation Parties

Ready to get started planning your grad’s special day? Choose one of RedWater’s beautiful, scenic venues for your graduation party! Not sure which one would be the best? Contact us for a tour and to get your date booked!

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