Team Building & Company Retreat Ideas in Michigan

Trying to plan the perfect getaway and need company retreat ideas? Retreats and team building exercises are meant to provide a space for employees to get to know each other outside of the pressure of a work environment. They build trust and loyalty while allowing a fun escape that employees look forward to and appreciate….

Trying to plan the perfect getaway and need company retreat ideas? Retreats and team building exercises are meant to provide a space for employees to get to know each other outside of the pressure of a work environment. They build trust and loyalty while allowing a fun escape that employees look forward to and appreciate. Choosing the right location for your company retreat is important, and Michigan is full of beautiful venues and places for sightseeing.

Company Retreat Planning

The most cohesive way to ensure that as many people can attend your company retreat as possible is to plan it well in advance. About six months ahead is ideal for company retreat planning. Ask your team members when the most convenient time would be for them. If your company has a messaging board, this is a great place to ask. An easy and simple method is to select a few dates and send out a poll to employees, letting the majority select the best time for their schedule.

Asking your employees about what they’d like to do, eat, and see during company retreat planning makes them feel like their input is valued and appreciated. Once you have a good idea of what your company is interested in, you can start booking and making reservations.

Michigan Company Retreat Ideas

One-Day Company Retreat Ideas

There are many fun getaways that can be held in a day or less. A wine night at a fancy venue will give your employees a fun excuse to dress up, and who doesn’t love a boss that provides free drinks? If you’re looking for a more laid-back day, try a retreat at the beach. Our Muskegon and Holland Downtown locations have scenic water views that are idyllic for a rendezvous near the shoreline.

Restaurants are a superb choice for employees who appreciate a good meal. All of our venues have in-house catering with an exquisite selection of delicious food items that everyone will enjoy. We also have bars for those who’d like to partake in some wine, champagne, cocktails, or other beverages.

A city trip is another beautiful way to spend the day. Your company can take a bike tour, stop by Michigan landmarks and museums, then stop to enjoy the cuisine at one of our venues. Our venues are placed in a handful of cities with bustling culture and nightlife, including Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Holland, and Saugatuck. What better way to spend your day than looking at quaint boutique shops and art galleries by the lakeshore?

For lovers of golf, we have both physical golf courses and virtual golf simulations across various venue locations. We even have a golf outing menu specifically curated for a day spent swinging clubs under the sun.

Corporate Retreat Locations in Michigan

There are a variety of company retreat locations we have at venues all across western Michigan. These are just a few of the spectacular rooms available for reservation.

Ballroom Retreats

Ballroom retreats are elegant and sophisticated, the perfect treat for employees who enjoy a posh night out. Our Cascade, Caledonia, Grandville, Holland North, and Holland Downtown locations have ballrooms with dashing white linen and refined decor.

Lake Room Retreats

Lake rooms offer the perfect scenic lake view for our guests while they enjoy finely crafted cuisine, drinks, and excellent conversations. Book a reservation at our Holland Downtown or Muskegon locations to enjoy the view.

Boardroom Retreats

Private boardrooms are ideal for business meetings on corporate retreats in Michigan. Conference tables and a screen for presentations are available. Our Muskegon location, Muskegon Country Club, has two different boardrooms to book.

Outdoor Retreats

If you’re looking for spacious outdoor areas to host your company retreat, we have those as well. Saugatuck, Grandville, Caledonia, Cascade, Grand Rapids North, Grand Rapids South, and Holland North have pristine golf courses perfect for hosting an outdoor retreat.

Pavillion Retreats

The Pavillion at Thornapple Pointe in Grand Rapids South offers the comfort of an enclosed space with the natural lighting of the outdoors. Large windows overseeing the lush rolling hills of the golf course provide a classy ambiance. The pavilion is complete with dance floor space and audiovisual equipment for presentations.

Team Building Exercises for Work Retreats

Your employees need team building exercises to keep them busy and connected. These team building ideas for work retreats will strengthen your workforce and result in memorable moments.

Compliment Cards

A few kind words can mean more than you imagine. Exchange index or note cards with small compliments or things you appreciate about your team. This can establish a solid bond among coworkers and set a positive tone for the retreat.

Scavenger Hunts

Why leave scavenger hunts behind in childhood? They’re not only fun but also a great way to discover new problem-solving skills and ways to work together. Creating an elaborate scavenger hunt in the city of your choice will teach your employees how to build off each other’s strengths.

Company Trivia

A game of company trivia is an exciting way to quiz employees about their company knowledge and facts about their coworkers. It’s a friendly method of releasing competitive energy while learning more about one another.

Two Truths and a Lie

Sharing fun facts with two truths and a lie is an entertaining game that allows employees to share aspects of their personal lives. When coworkers see each other not just as employees, but as people, collaboration and teamwork improve.

Mock Awards

Businesses don’t need fancy customized trophies or ribbons to host mock awards. Simply having a screen to project a presentation on will do just fine (and our audiovisual equipment is perfect for the job). Mock awards, even with silly categories, can build feelings of belonging and accomplishment within a company.

Team Challenges

Team challenges are a great way to exercise competitiveness, whether through sports, drawing games, charades, or board games. These team building exercises will be something employees reminisce about whenever discussing future company retreats.

Host Your Retreat at Our Company Retreat Locations

Our extensive collection of venues is perfect for hosting corporate events. Hold your next retreat at a RedWater venue and see the difference a tasteful and distinguished event space makes. The food, drinks, and atmosphere will be something employees rave about. Company retreats in Michigan have a proper home at RedWater event venues.

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