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RedWater Collection is a one of a kind West Michigan company that consists of 7 golf courses, 2 golf simulator facilities, 5 private pools, 10 public RedWater Restaurant Group restaurants, multiple Snap Fitness gym facilities, and 9 banquet and event venues. If you are a golfer or foodie in Grand Rapids or the Lakeshore you have most likely golfed at a Watermark Properties course, dined at RedWater Restaurant Group restaurant, or attended an event at one of our beautiful venues.

Our event venues continue to be some of the most popular spaces to host events in Grand Rapids. Because of increasing demand and our growing number of venues to offer, we were thrilled to present a streamlined approach for our guests in 2020 by combining the venues together as RedWater Events!

All RedWater Event venues are open to the public and provide a place to gather for any occasion, boasting a capacity of up to 450 guests. Our venues also showcase some of the best views in the area!

Aesthetics aside, we’re proud to have an extremely talented culinary team that caters delicious food and bar options to ease your event planning stress. Our spaces also offer state of the art audio and visual equipment and have many other great benefits that will be showcased in a new way. Our event venues provide a canvas for all types of milestone events. From weddings and baby showers to graduation and birthday parties, so many great memories happen at our venues. We have had the opportunity to form amazing relationships with our guests and are so honored to be a part of the communities where our venues are located. We look forward to continuing to grow and to work closely with more amazing West Michigan individuals.

We hope that you will host your next event with us! Schedule a tour at one or all of our 9 RedWater Events locations to check out our unparalleled event venues in person:

Want to know more about RedWater collection? Visit our website at https://redwatercollection.com/.

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