2021 Wedding Trends Sure to Inspire You

The events of 2020 have caused many brides to postpone their weddings until 2021, and with extra time to plan, expect to see thoughtfulness and creativity down to the most minute detail. 2021 wedding themes are focused on romance, a fairy tale, and plenty of sentimental touches. What are the trends for a casual 2021…

The events of 2020 have caused many brides to postpone their weddings until 2021, and with extra time to plan, expect to see thoughtfulness and creativity down to the most minute detail. 2021 wedding themes are focused on romance, a fairy tale, and plenty of sentimental touches. What are the trends for a casual 2021 wedding? What trends are traditional weddings embracing in 2021? 2021 is all about YOU, the couple.

The 2021 Wedding Dress

Patient brides are incorporating sentimental touches into their gowns, and in fact, the dress is the one thing that brides aren’t compromising on. Sewing family heirloom jewelry into the gown, embroidering a favorite pet’s paw print, or including fabric from a mother or grandmother’s wedding dress into their own are all ways to personalize a dream wedding dress. Says wedding dress designer Phillipa Lepley, “Even those who are planning small weddings for 2021 want what I call classic fairytale dresses. Big skirts and statement silhouettes… ones with the real wow factor!” More is more for 2021 wedding gowns, with the svelte, understated gowns replaced by blends of different fabrics, large sleeves, and exotic, flouncy touches like jewels and feathers, or bright colors. The demure white sheath is replaced by a more over-the-top, original gown that speaks to the bride’s personality. Flowing veils have been replaced by different hair accessories, like small caps, combs, and flashy barrettes. Hair accessories are a lovely way to incorporate personal touches or family heirlooms, weaving a grandmother’s necklace into an updo or repurposing a ring into the construction of a barrette. Custom embellishments are the key trend for wedding dresses in 2021, including matching embellishments on the groom’s jacket. Expect to see more coordinated couples looks than in years past.

Top Wedding Colors For 2021

Weddings in 2021 are focusing on color and old-school Hollywood glam, such as combining bright pinks with pastel greens and tablescapes that are full of color. Elaborate place settings at the wedding reception contribute to the overall theme of fairy tale romance we’re seeing this wedding season. As far as a trendy color scheme – remember the pink-and-brown color palette of the late ’00s? – there really isn’t one for 2021. Couples this year are creating texture stories, with mixtures of fresh flowers, wood and leather materials, and natural stone. The colors reflect bringing the outside in and will vary according to the region. Expect to see vivid colors for summer 2021 weddings and sparkling, metallic tones for the Winter Wonderland themed winter affairs. Weaving texture and color together is replacing the matchy-matchy color pairs of years past.

Flowers For a 2021 Wedding

The biggest wedding floral trend of 2021 is including more seasonal flowers this year, with displays being wilder and brighter than in years past. Flowers in season will be more in demand, versus blooms flown in from exotic locales. Local floral displays also embrace the trend of going more “green” with wedding planning, bringing in antre, and reducing the carbon footprint. Blurring the line between indoor and outdoor spaces is another trend, involving lush plants and creating a nature-inspired décor theme. A popular trend for 2021 weddings is including repurposed greenery, such as painted branches and boughs, or taking elements of old-fashioned floral décor and wallpaper and making them fresh, and crafting dramatic and creative floral pieces. Expect to see edible flowers included with the overall theme of the wedding, from delicate blossoms frozen in ice cubes to being an interactive part of the tablescape or meal.

DIY and Green Wedding Trends

“Upcycling” is the word for an on-trend 2021 wedding, starting with heirloom engagement rings, or rings made from repurposed stones. Wedding invitations may be from sustainable materials and expect to see wood or leather invites, instead of classically embossed heavyweight paper ones. Many couples are including plenty of DIY touches, such as composting leftover food, creating table décor from re-fabricated items and using local florists and caterers, purchasing seasonal flowers and locally sourced food.

New Trends in Wedding photography

2021 wedding trends are all about authenticity, from including only beloved guests to bride-designed floral arrangements to more candid wedding photos. In-the-moment shots by a professional photographer can capture both the raw energy and passion of the event while still making the bride and groom look beautiful. Capturing the moment is the biggest wedding photography trend of 2021, moving away from the overly posed and stylized wedding photography. These fleeting moments of joy and love are ones that can’t be produced from posed photography, and for brides that have waited extra months to say their vows, having a wedding album full of these unique memories is a treasure.

Latest Wedding Reception Trends

Lockdown over weeks and months in 2020 has led couples planning a 2021 wedding to extend the celebration beyond the wedding day. Many families are turning the festivities into days or week-long events that incorporate a family reunion, wedding, and stay-cation all into one. Complementing the wedding-as-an-event trend are themes that echo the biggest celebrations. Circus themes and choreographed dances are popular (learning Tok Tok dances during lockdown is paying off!). Many late 2020 and 2021 weddings are scheduled for the winter months, with Winter Wonderland themes echoing the fairy magic of the elaborate wedding dresses. Venues will speak to the personality and tastes of the couple by lending themselves to more unique decorations, including playing with lighting and adding more natural elements.

Putting Your Wedding Together

Many of the 2021 wedding trends can be incorporated into any size and style of wedding, from the micro-wedding to the elaborate blow-out. Selecting flowers on-trend, incorporating the vibrant wedding colors for 2021, or embracing the wedding 2021 décor trends are simple, inexpensive ways to create a stylish look for a wedding of any budget. Ultimately, your wedding is about you, your new spouse, and taking the first step to creating your new family. Surrounding yourself with friends and loved ones, taking the time to enjoy each moment, and making memories to last a lifetime. Custom, custom, custom is the name of the game for 2021, which means that the only real trend for 2021 weddings is flamboyant expression. Looking to book a wedding for 2021? See our list of event locations and contact us if you’d like to talk about dates and availability! ‍

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